Welcome to Aicapitalsoft

We are committed to the system development of Internet and mobile applications that serve small and medium-sized enterprises, including enterprise resource management, human resource management, enterprise customer management and other industry applications. We develop management solutions tailored for each enterprise based on enterprise characteristics to promote start-up enterprises. and SMEs moving forward. At the same time, we also help various users with market promotion, including online promotion and self-media promotion. Welcome to contact us for consultation services!

From prototype to product

We provide customers with one-stop complete solutions from prototype design to product development, achieving high efficiency and high quality!

Multiple platform support

Based on desktop applications such as windows, linux, Mac os, etc. to android, ios and hongmengOS

New Technology

We have long-term research and development, quickly track cutting-edge technology, and can use the latest technology to bring a new experience to our customers' projects.

AI/ChatGPT support

We combine the technological crystallization of today's most popular fields of artificial intelligence and artificial intelligence to create the best and most complete system for our customers.

Our Services

Recent Works

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  • Food Delivery App with Admin SAAS

  • Lawyer Appointment System

  • Project Management System